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Fully custom  printed Bentchers are here!  Check out our pre-set designs. Have something in mind? Let the bencher factory create it for you!

Call us at: 201-781-2221 or email us at info@bencherfactory.com 


The Bencher Factory is commited to changing the way you order benchers forever. No more die-cut benchers with goldstamping and constant "out of stock" messages.

Bencherfactory.com offers the most extensive selection of fully customized "Print-on-Demand" benchers at really low prices. These birkhonim are custom printed for you and can include your logo, monogram, photos or design. We can even match your color scheme or theme. 

The inside content can be fully customized as well. Add your own prayers, tefillot, artwork or even poems or choose from our available options. The Bencher Factory can do it all.

Orders usually take 2-4 weeks to complete once design is finalized.

Bencher Factory can also custom print Hebrew, Hebrew/English, Hebrew/English/Transliterated multi-page books with custom tefilot, Torah readings (Parsha) and Zmirot. Call or email for more information and to request a sample.

We can also recover the a full Zemirot Booklet with a fully custom full-color printed cover. Have a look here: http://www.bencherfactory.com/custom-printed-cover-for-artscroll-simchon/

Email us at info@bencherfactory.com or call/text us at 201-781-2221

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Remember to check back often - new designs are being added daily! Have an idea? email us!